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On offer is a fast-growing e-commerce drop shipping business in the ‘Mother and Baby’ niche. Launched in 2017, the store is hosted and operated with Shopify with a customer base of over 17,000 loyal customers and growing.


Since launching, the business has generated over $300,000 in sales with a net profit margin of c. 52% and average gross revenue of $19,757 in 2019 (to date).

Cash Flow: $121,363
Asking Price: $180,000
Mother and Baby on Floor


Mother and Baby Dropshipping Business

Road Biking
Asking Price: $50,000 (Incl. Inventory)
Cash Flow: $99,977

On offer is a drop shipping eCommerce website specialising in unique and interesting cycling apparel and accessories. The store has fulfilled over 15,000 orders and generated a revenue of $580K+ in its first year of operating.

The business is run by one owner with the support and assistance of 2 Virtual Assistants (VA’s) who handle customer service, order fulfilment, content creation and after-sales service. 

Cycling Apparel & Accessories Business



Classifieds and Local Business Listings Website



This leading online classified and local business listings website was launched in March 2013 and is now one of the fastest growing classifieds and local business listing platforms in India. 


Anyone can create and publish a classified ad for free (users are given an allowance of up to 10 free listings), with the site generating income from Affiliate partnerships, direct ad banners and premium/sponsored listings.

Cash Flow: $8,006
Asking Price: $15,000
App Screens

Launched in 2015, this meditation and personal growth blog educates its readers on the benefits of meditation and provides readers with resources and helpful tools to help them through their personal meditation journey.

Cash Flow: -----
Asking Price: $4,000
Meditation Class


Meditation and Personal Development Blog

Baking Tools
Asking Price: $25,000
Cash Flow: $10,032

Launched in September 2018, this Shopify drop-ship store aimed at baking enthusiasts is only 3 months old, but has quickly gained traction and experienced strong growth, grossing an average of $9,988 in sales over the last 3 months.



Themed Baking Tools/Accessories Business

Sneaker on Rocks
Asking Price: $12,000
Cash Flow: $5,408

Founded in 2017, this eCommerce store sells exclusive, unique sneaker themed 'Hypebeast' masks and presents a great opportunity on the market.


Over 70% of the businesses sales are generated from the US with the remaining 30% is generated from other territories to include Canada, the UK, and Italy.



Sneaker Themed Hypebeast Store