Astute Growth Consultants (AGC) is a UK based boutique M&A advisory and professional website broker specialising in the deal flow & negotiations associated with the strategic exit and acquisitions of websites and online businesses. 


Founded in 2017, AGC provides M&A and business advisory services as well as act as a full-service website broker for established low to mid-market Content, eCommerce, SaaS and Amazon FBA businesses.


AGC offers its clients a comprehensive exist planning strategy, and with access to a global network of qualified buyers, we can meet the needs and objectives of both the buyer and seller. 


About the CEO

Larry first got a taste for entrepreneurship whilst completing a degree in Finance and Accounting at the University of Bedfordshire. During this time, he founded and ran successful entertainment and eCommerce businesses before graduating and, securing a job with a world-leading professional services firm, advising multi-international FTSE 100 companies.


In 2017, Larry discovered the world of M&A for internet businesses and the rest is history. Larry combines his passion for entrepreneurship, strong business and global acumen with his professional experiences in Financial Analysis, Operations Management and Market Strategy, to enable entrepreneurs to successfully navigate the challenges that come with buying and selling digital properties. 

"Every deal is a deal if you can figure out how to bridge the gap."


- Ryan Serhant

Founder & CEO

Larry Afriyie

About Our Services

We provide a vast range of services that include;

  • Valuation & Marketing

    We will value your business and develop sales marketing strategies to showcase your business and maximise buyer interest. 

  • Deal Structuring

    Each business is unique and so should the deal structure. We set up bespoke deal structures that takes into consideration the needs and wants of both buyer and seller.

  • Negotiations

    Our objective and psychological approach to negotiations allow us to ensure the best deal to maximise value for the business is achieved whilst meeting the objectives of both parties.

  • Bespoke Search Service

    Searching for a specific type of business to fit your portfolio? Let us take care of the hard work; we will match you with quality sellers, complete the due diligence checks and close the deal.

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